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Do you suffer from foot pain? Consult your team of podiatrists!

The podiatrists at the Clinique podiatrique de Saint-Hubert are qualified to provide you with the care you need to restore your feet back to health.

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Dr. Van Dao podiatrist
Dr. Van Dao Podiatrist

Dr Van Dao Podiatrist

Podiatrists are health professionals with a doctorate in podiatric medicine. He evaluates and treats foot disorders and diseases by medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, surgical, mechanical (orthotics) or even manipulative means, chemical, pharmaceutical, surgical, mechanical (orthotics) or even manipulative means.

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POSTURE ANALYSIS USING THE CryoVizion imaging system

Unique in St-Hubert, the CryoVizion imaging system highlights postural imbalances, often linked to poor foot alignment. alignment of the feet.

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CryoVizion Podiatric Imaging

Common pathologies

Foot pathologies can cause considerable discomfort and limit mobility. mobility. The feet are complex structures, made up of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and numerous small joints. Here are some of the most common pathologies that can affect the feet.


Pamper your feet and give them the treatment they deserve with our exceptional foot care offer. Whether you're looking looking for deep relaxation, pain relief or simply impeccable or simply impeccable beauty, our experienced team of foot care specialists are here to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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Nail and skin foot care

Podiatric advices

Taking care of our feet is essential to maintaining good overall health. Here are a few podiatric tips to help you keep your feet in tip-top shape.